physical Poetry

Zero And Infinity

Zero and infinity are not one and the same.

Zero is a nothing almost bare.

infinity is everything uncountable.

To me,  both look one and the same

as Zero  encompasses everything in nothing

while infinity encircles so many things beyond

this might be that and that might be this

not in real terms but that could be in abstract.


falls Poetry snow

Snow ALL Through

Snow pummels all through

falls in a precipice without a clue

the cold sneaks into the bones

it is killing freeze in tone

know not where the houses stand

 sheets of snow lie there  as strands

a sudden spurt it was  all in a burst

doors and panels all covered with the crust

vehicles have come to a halt and stay

 passengers  are stranded midway 

nothing to drink or munch

could only drink snow as such

the thirst is satiated thus

it is a disbelief in full stretch

whiteness lies in  a wretch

the Federation clasps its fingers in turmoil

redeeming itself is a task requiring toil

the onset of winter is harsh

wicked looks the white snow

disastrous would be the days ahead.

God be with you, Northern America!


Life Poetry

Dark As It Holds—9

With the darkness around

being impenetrable  and dense

light is a rarity not to be tracked

negotiating the way through

signals fear and strife

yet it is an adventure  to cross

the sea of darkness

that be in life and death

all simultaneously in a stroke

one who wins in life

loses himself in death

could be the other way round

as life and death are correlated

Digital StillCamera