The Little Robin Red Breast.

robins-kissThe little robin red breast

sat on a high rest

called out at its voice best

his love set forth a test

perhaps for a jest

hid herself behind a thorny bush

the little robin flew win a rush

could not find her in the lush

finally settled down with a hush

the female after a lot of fuss

came out smiling glorious

the robin kissed her  all gracious

contradictions Poetry

The Indications

The throb amidst the throng

the cheer seen in a sneer

the charm found in calm

the hope felt in a slope

the  life with a strive

all show  in  a glass

contradictions indicate

existence in all tense.contradictions

charity Poetry

The Month Of Karthigai

maavilakuThe temple above the hills

a place beautiful and still

throbs with life this month particular

the l month called karthigai  in vernacular

when devotees from all walks of life

come to the temple with  a dedicated strife

go around the temple  singing hymns in emotion

go up the hill with full devotion

with coconuts and bananas  in a basket

along with flowers and betel leaves

pray to the presiding deity Shanmugha

chanting in ecstasy “arokara, arokara”

light up the  specially made maavillaku

that being of rice  flour and jaggery mixed

with the cotton thread profusely soaked

as ghee is liberally smothered on it

lights up with a gentle flame glowing

a sight so profound and gracious

a sequence of bliss and calm

up there the God is bathed in milk and curd

then with sandal and sacred ash

finally dressed up like a king

the crowd goes fanatic as they shout

“Muruga, Muruga”  with eyes turning moist

go down the steps as if in a trance

the fulfillment comes to a vivacious  turn

with  many devotees extending food to the poor

a ritual carried on by generations, no doubt

a symbol of devotion and charity merged together

as the wealth passes on to the progeny

so does nobility flows from the elders to the younger

the month karthigai  finds a place

a rank, a status honourable and divine.