lyric. Poetry

Rain In A Way

I see rains 

after a  while

not so in style

falls with pride

on all sides

not here and there

but everywhere

not very heavy

but an escape  from levy

that of hot sun

which at times is fun

not a good shower

enough for the flowers

Well! that is how it rains

not very much in  a strain

it is but beautiful though

it is scanty in a row

yet it rains all throughfun-rainy-day-activities-kids-800X800

a respite from the blue.

That be the rain today

call it rain in a way.

Haiku Poem

The Windy Kiss

The wind blows

not with a striking force

smothers with kisswind.


Limps Across

A man limps across

crosses the highway

stranded in the middle

looks around for help

expresses his inability

could find none

as others go their way

no time to give a hand

no time to speak a word

no time to behave as a human

the man limps across.