A Temporary Distraction

Back again in my home

relaxing in a way casual

look out of the patio in general

my eyes wander in a roam

a man and his  wife walk aplomb

a scene very simple and  normal

a cyclist goes on the road as usual

followed by a car in close comb

the sounds are so intense

a buzz almost beyond control

life is  clearly seen in every action

a contrast to the experience recently in a sense

a quietness impressive  not enough to fold

the liveliness I behold with fascination

my road at home

Poetry silence sonnet

It is Silence

silent environmentThe greenery around

lush and pleasant

flower beds in a crescent

a brook with clear waters  found

lies  there a suburb  with an abound

a population very decent

clean and clear is the environment

all  convenience great and sound

all be so with a rhythm and rhyme

yet there lacks a charisma

could not be explained in the ordinary

the silence occupies the prime

appears like an unobtrusive enigma

where life assumes a slot not primary.