An Adjustment

The overcrowded house

not with people anyway

cramped with furniture

not in one area as such

almost in places as many

find hard to discard or condemn

as all are of value great and top-notch

with intricate designs everywhere

prominent in  looks almost anywhere

know not how to arrange  likewise

with an unpleasant underwrite

blink through the whole effort

a hard task whatsoever I undergo

postpone the decision to offload

as I feel they are part of me in the run

have to work and consider the move fast

hope to settle the score in a way harmless

a manner equivocal in a sense altogether.



Arrival And Departure.

It is a return all the more

back from the strange  shore

well into the original land

the physique still a little away

the time very much in the sway

the mind not in the path

could feel a strike although

be that of a besiege in the flow

the one or the other in a swarm

play a  dubious act in force

well, that is how it closes

snarls and sneers all around

fatigue overtakes in a bound

long to take off again in fear.