mystic Poetry

Dark As it Holds -3

If sleep be the case

would descend in phase

with or without light

slumber folds one slight

when at work or at ease

it might sound a tease

sleep is also a mystic

when at travel or at static

sleep does connote

a long one in the note

where eternity is a float

while darkness enters

without any falter

ensuring a conclusion

endorsing a no return

a defesleepnce of darkness

seems a cry in a wilderness.

dark Poetry

Dark As It Holds –2

Never can we say

dark is a glow.

Never can we prove

dark is  a flow.

Never can we assure

dark is  cheer.

Be it here or anywhere

dark permeates with a horror

persuades a terror

preserves a fervour

that be one of a shiver

and also be one of a quiver