The Back Door Walks In

A cold night it was

the family was in a relax

the seven little children in smiles great

after a dinner  with nothing to grumble  in rate

the mother settling her chores in a hurry

the father busy with the dishes all too dreary

the eldest one playing “Clash of clan” happily

the next three playing with lego sweetly
while the youngest three almost asleep
a friend of the family snoring deep
a noise, very slight from the backyard
then a creak and a screech not too bad
followed by a big thud and bang deafening
the wife stood motionless and quivering
the husband rushed to the spot in panic
while the friend held the children together
the back door moved with a stagger inside
devastated the family stood aghast on all sides
the snow creeped inside slowly and stealthily
the dark night became a nightmare gradually
all nine of them trapped inside the house
with the snow around them creating a chaos