hope Poetry

Dark As It Holds–5

Wwhen-tomorrow-comes-movie-titlehat ‘s next

keeps us going

a better tomorrow

we envisage

do we see?

Nope, we still  hold

to see  many tomorrows

this  hope sustains

the will pulls us  on

the man lives through.

Poetry song

A Bouquet Song

Roses hold an enticing sight

no matter where they  lie

be it on the plants around

be it  strewn on the ground

they captivate  the eyes

no matter what be their size

the smallest winks at you

while the biggest greets you

the blush seen in the red one

overwhelms us with a fun

the rosy rose smiles coyly

stretches our imagination extensively

there is  abundant peace in the yellow rose

it is  a transcendental  feel in pose

that be of all the roses in a song

could also be a bouquet in form.


axis Poetry rotates

Dark As it Holds —- 4

What then holds value?

cosmos turns a zero

man is null and void

Hands of God rule with authority

man rotates on his own axis in concentric

all with a selfish desire

goes in a circular mode entire

the start reaches the end

the end comes back to the start

around and around he  revolves

thinking of himself alone

that be the darkness in stroll

as we go through the scroll.