day night Poetry

Dark As it Holds—-8

day and night

Strange it would be

dark does caress and lift

a dark phase in life

could be a bad one

a dark man out there

need not be bad

the night  is dark

hosts  slumber in all

sleep is a  big deal

great in general feel

could be told of light

the light bothers and strains

the fair man amongst us

will not be just and fair

the day is bright

beholds crimes many

work all day is fine

a little rest gives a shine

Well, that be the thoughts

light and dark alternate

making day and night

they definitely moderate

themes good and bad

they do not have inhibitions

they occupy the space

they are a fit challenge

one vying in a combat.


Dark As it Holds —7

They say dark is  clandestine

it is they claim one of disdain

Whatever be its indemnity

all in its  entity

assumes an apprehension

 seems as a hallucination

discard not the darkness as frivolous

it is but vast and enormous

the darkness persists steadfastly

dissipating the clamour is beyond  task

be it in the mind as abstract

be it in real as intact

dark holds a validity

could be that of any impunity

accept it with grace

it will pass off without a trace.



Dark As it Holds –6

Grey is the sky

clouds moving shy

Where do they go?

seeing from low

gazing at it for long

stood there amazed

at the vastness  exhibited

Would they bring rain?

that would lead to gain

Would they? would they?

the mind probes  in dismay

as it hovers over the parched land

which once upon a time was grand

grains  and millets filled the  barn

now  all seem to have gone

with the field gone dry

no produce to buy

a sign of famine perhaps

a fluctuation in seasons

could attribute no reasons.