atonement Poetry

Maturity Comes Not With Age.

The maturity comes not  with age

contrary to the popular  adage

experience does land you therematurity

all that is rosy takes you not there

that which turns hard and sour

puts you very much in that tower

makes you think and go ahead

sober and sullen you become indeed

as the struggle leads you  through places

where there could be not many spaces

as to give vent to anger and indignation

as to let in haste and destruction

 try and  adopt a program and measure  

introduce and induce a median or middle path

a slight imbalance would result in a trot

it could be a fall heavily bought

the impairment would prove expensive

let you  succeed with an approach defensive

emulate  right and wrong  straight away

enabling a source of atonement in the way.

happily India Poetry

Come To My Land.

Come to my  land

go with a band

fold the hands

take  an elegant stand

look not bland

show up grand

create your brand

live happily amidst all  Indian lady

that be your life in all

as you slowly diffuse into sand.