The Cleverest On The Verge.

There are degrees  as well

clever, cleverer and cleverest.

The positive is tame

as the comparative  has name

while the superlative claims fame

the variations go in style.

This is what I felt ever so

but latest in the go

came as an unexpected blow

an interpretation new

being too clever in the cue

leads none to their due

the very words she said

made me upset

as it overrode the test

lends a situation bare

finally lets you have nothing fair.

Perplexed I remained  confused

only for a moment  in  a brood

could not ascertain what she meant

at last understood the tenement

as the tone gave way for a clue

that be her sly intent in blue

cunning  she is in her  move

conspiratory is her motive  in all

dubs she the cleverest to a fallcleverest.