Daily Archives: March 22, 2011

A Bait

A little worm in the hook of a fishing net,

Acts us a firm  secure bet,

Clinging and cringing it tempts ,

The fish to make  longing  attempts,

Thrilled to see the tiny bait

It jumps unknowingly   in an ecstatic   trait.



Up ,up it shoots  with a vigour,

Clambering to hold the trigger,

The worm   dances and dangles,

Oscillating in various angles,

The fish makes a  somersault,

Dashes  over and above  without a fault.




The lovely rush through the water,

Holds us in a quick monitor,

While the palpitations rage high,

We sadly perceive with a sigh,

The fish being hauled  by the  hook,

Of the fisherman along the brook .