Daily Archives: March 31, 2011

The Snow

The Snow.

The Snow

What a beauty to see the white fluffy flakes!

Falling  extensively over land and lakes,

Leaving a cold layer  of slushy  blaze

Presenting a wonderful  glaze.


The snow fall tends heavy in mid winter,

Releasing a freezing cold all over,

Trees and roads  turn white,

Experiencing  a biting cold bitter.



Snow pushers are seen all the way,

Working with spades to clear their bay,

Kids cuddle inside the  rooms,

As the large boulders of  ice loom


Winter is a season of exhaustion

With no daylight  distribution,

Darkness encircles the day

Forcing a deliberate  gray.


Old age is a phase difficult to bear,

Besieged with physical and mental tear,

A renewal of  agility and vigour is rare,

Crossing the years is a terrific bear.



Wading through the snow is onerous,

Living in old age  becomes calamitous,

Snow receedes as summer  comes,

Old people pass away as death  approaches.