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Energy Woes

Detecting various forms of energy,

Man settles down carefully,

As his inventions take care,

He rests in great comfort,

While all his necessities are attended to,

By electrical, thermal, and nuclear energies,

Keeping him cool during summer,

Giving him warmth in winter,

Aiding him in industrial production,

Helping him  in domestic errands,

He relaxes in utmost peace,

Until a disaster strikes,

With the disruption of all conventions,

The electricity snaps,

Plunging the world in darkness,

The thermal supply at service

Both in good and bad times

Spreads environmental hazard,

While the nuclear plant,

Erupts with a break of radiation,

That keeps him maimed and cancer prone,

Prolonging it to generations,

Promoting a fatal mishap,

Destroying humanity slowly.

Inducting a slow killing ,

And a painful suffering,

Making us think twice,

Whether the man-made feats,

Are worthy or not?