Daily Archives: March 4, 2011

Sun In The Run.

The sun rises in  the east,

So goes on the popular belief,

It sets in the west,

So shall we assume.



The power of the Sun,

Is  much above the cliff,

Defining a blinding light  ,

Spreading a  warmth dry.


 It  emanates  a scorching heat ,

That saps out the  life

Yet it is an energy provider,

Engaged in the distribution of power.



The Solar energy as it is called,

 Facilitates  the sustenance of habitation,

With the extension of totally free generation,

Of light  and heat necessary for livelihood.




The prowess of the Sun,

Is extraneous and exemplary,

Supplying an enormous fund ,

Of wealth in the form of energy.





Sun was the sole giver of light,

In  days of yore and times ancient.

When there were no other forms ,

Like  electricity and petroleum.



The age old Sun   supplemented or augmented,

The utility designs and requirement plans

The entire reliance  was on Sun,

Which was regarded as the Sole Giver.



The Sun  endowed with all potential,

Bestowed the world with natural blessings,

Of  great shine and  vigorous vitality,

Never demolishing the ethical conduct of earth.



 After the implications  and interference of ,

Unnatural proxies of the Beautiful inheritance,

 The equanimity of the soil is ruined

Subjecting it to quakes, floods and disasters,.



The new found intruders  induce  a tremor and a terror,

Of a savage death  and  an excruciating pain,

Relinquishing the  merciful ease for wicked mechanism.

 Killing the terrain and men simultaneously.