Missing Out.

Missing out has been a way of my life.
Could I be alone being so?
I deliberate.

As a kid, I lagged behind my friends.
I came last in running races.
I was slow.

In my school, I came not to the forefront
I jumbled the tenses.
I was unclear.

At home, my siblings overtook me
I was denied the rightful.
I was deceived.

In business, I competed in vain.
I tumbled unceremoniously.
I failed.

Neither I became a runner
nor an achiever academically.

Either way, I am average
reached not a status.

However, I am a human. Unbeatable,
full of kindliness and understanding.

I have earned a lot.
Monetarily not much.
Too much in the abstract sense.

My life has been a worthy pursuit.
Great! I claim.

Having lived a life of content
while missing out many an opportunity.