The Cocks Turn Foes.

The month of January turns cold.
See no frost or snow but being cool.

My town is hot throughout the year.
The sun pouring and piercing through.

The sky is overcast in January. Washed clothes remain wet for long.
On other months they get scorched in less than an hour.

My starched saris were left on the lawn to dry.
I forgot my tow cocks.They were circling the garden.

An hour later I came out on some errand.
“Oh! no”, I cried in dismay. The cocks were trodding on my saris.
Made a mess of the neatly stretched ones.

Ran to shoo them away. They flew low and sat on the swing.
They would barge soon after I leave.

I had to be on watch the whole day to keep them out.
At that moment the expression friends turn foes crossed my mind.