Jallikattu —Caught Between The Horns.

A sea of humanity
on the beaches of Marina
unseen so long,
unexpected till date.

It being an agitation without violence
against the ban of “jallikattu”.
A novel way to express the displeasure
never heard anywhere in the world.

“Jallikattu” name implies
(jalli- money, Kattu –tied on the horns)
a gamble – betting on bulls
a high promissory reward
awaits the one who tames the bull.

A game of valour played for ages,
mostly in Vaadivasal, Alanganallur
of Madurai in Southern Tamilnadu.
primarily agricultural hamlets.

Judiciary has stirred the hornet’s nest
The people gather in public places
almost in all towns of Tamilnadu.
An upheaval sans bloodshed.


Solidarity is explicit.
Hear not a voice of dissent.
“Jallikattu vendum” is the cry
heard in intervals.

It is a movement of the people
where students, the employed
the retired participate in earnest.
Faith in self is evident.

Politicians find no place
The Police turn friendly.
The government listens.
An ordinance is passed.

The protest continues
People need not a temporary respite
They demand a permanent resolution.
They sit and wait.