Mother Of Pearl

Being a connoisseur of art
my eyes devour the beautiful.
A tussle between desire and discretion engages.

Furniture keeps me in a hold.
That of Mother Of Pearl
makes my jaws drop.

The designs are eye catching.
Excel in grandeur. They are chaste and delicate.
Impressive and imperious they appear.

To possess one became a passion,
which turned into an obsession later.
I researched, I browsed, I hunted like a devil.

Forayed through the malls and shops
both in Malaysia and Singapore.
I became mad.

My family teased me. Called me
“Mother Of Pearl.” They had fun at my cost.
I talked of nothing but Mother Of Pearl.

A friend of mine, a Chinese, made a trip to her homeland.
Knowing my love for the inlaid furniture,
searched for the best in the mainland.

She took it as a challenge. Substituted the motifs
dragons with peacocks. I admire peacocks. Ordered, Shipped.
paid. All she did without a word to me.

Left to me, I would have settled for one. Finances do matter.
She does not count. She bought two sets of dining tables
along with one living room furniture. I would not have dreamt off.

I was overjoyed to see them all. Bright and intricate.
They are my proudest possession. Pricey too.
I am delighted..