Obsessed With My Cocks.

The Cocks I have
loiter from dawn to dusk
pecking the worms
frightening the squirrels.

Those who come home feel
I rear them for my consumption.
it is but a natural phenomenon.
I do not blame them.

I want to clear my stand.
I am a born vegetarian.
a vegan to an extent.
I have not eaten even an egg.

Bought a four of the chickens
half a year ago. My little granddaughter
had a nice time when she was with me.
Two of them died early.

These two have grown.
They entertain me with their play.
Never do they break the quietness
except cawing occasionally.

Amazing they are .
My staff have an eye on them
They pester me to give them off
Could turn into a sumptuous lunch for them.

I am keeping them at bay.
Know not what will happen,
when I move out of my home,
even for a few days. I am Obsessed.