Mona Stands Out

An incident that keeps me anxious.
No, the one that makes me smile.
Yes, that brings in a resolution.

It being unexpected. Baffles me all the while.
It revolves around a birthday party.
The girl being an eight-year-old called Mona.

She chooses her friends. The number allowed is ten.
Makes the list. Strikes one or two
Adds up – a great calculation.

Mona starts inviting.
One of her friends is absent.
She gives the card to Nisha, not on the list.

Nisha gets mad and calls Mona rude
Shouts, “Why are you not inviting me?
Mona retorts ” I do not like you”.

Her papa scolds her. She minds not.
Steadfast in her decision, tells her dad
“Please do not talk about it “.

The dad knows not what to do.
Did he applauds her determination
or condemn her behaviour. Intriguing!

Mona stands out.