My Good Fat Cock.

The cocks which kept me happy
running around all the time
pecking on the worms and insects
helped me keep my garden clean
encountered a villain in the form of a stray dog.

In the early hours a wild dog
jumped over my wall
overturned the cock’s house.
The latch gave way.
My robust cock was bitten.

A wail – a pathetic cock a doodle doo
woke us all up in the morning
The watchman ran to save the cock.
The dog snarled at him with its blood soaked teeth.
Pounced on him. The old man was jolted.

He drove the dog out with a big staff.
The cock lay in a pool of blood.
Its white feathers turning crimson red.
A hoary sight!.

That was the end of “My good fat cock”.
The docile one moves about quietly.

No more of chatter, fun and bustle.