A Dream

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Meena SJul 13, 2014


I had a dream
it was in a stream
water was in gleam
the sunlight fell on the beam
the ambience was in a seam
Indeed, it was a lovely dream.
Set sail in the boat swiftly
saw a whale deadly
moved towards me rapidly
blinked for a moment hopelessly
Indeed, I sat there ghastly.
The whale dashed against the boat
tossed and turned it on the float 
down I went into the moat
engulfed by the whale stout
Indeed, it was a total rout.
I cried bitterly in fear
felt a nudge from the rear
the situation was out of gear
thought the end was near
Indeed, it was a panic jeer.
The alarm rang for long
I woke up to a song
caught my foot in the wrong
staggered in a way oblong
Indeed, it was a dream all along.



Meenakshi Somasundaram.