The Appearance.

Height not matter

 the sincerity very much caters

 the bondage in status.


A Complex Criteria

There is a part of land
lies in the common pool
unattended and unkempt
the other three go in shape
tended and trimmed
yet the entire is in control
of a person for years long
who ate the fruits of the soil
the revenue from the building
all in whole not in fractions
now leaves one in such condition
allows not the rightful to enjoy
what a cruel mind he bears
yet professes to be divine and just
Will not God see to all these misdemeanour?
a thought crosses in full force
God knows all the deeds and task
know not why he waits to condemn
perhaps that be the way he treats
the rightful not permitted to enjoy
the illegal free to gobble
what set of justice this be?land unattended.
I know not and I still wonder
a complex criterion hard to accept.