Grandma Calls.

Slept I like a log

a while forgot my blog

a peaceful sleep it was

nothing to disturb at any cause

hours went by in length

came a call with strength

was about to wake up

when a hand-held me .

I saw a woman in her mid fifties

smiled she with love

caressed my hair with care

felt she had a piece to share.

She called me by name

I looked so tame

wondered how did she know

a woman from many decades ago.

With a graceful move in all sides

asked what made me talk about her

more frequent these couple of days

is there any reference of case?

I blinked all the more in a quandary

said she with poise she is my grandmother

who passed away sixty-seven years back

few months before my mother’s wedding.

Startled I sat up with a shock

said she not to panic at all

in a very soft tone told me her life

when she was a devoted wife

a mother of five children

sacrificed everything for their welfare

yet not remembered by any of them

during their life time all the more.

They became the shadow of their father

great was he in his achievements rather

they knew that she was the woman behind

yet not commemorated her in trend

she did not bother about fame in life

she yearned for a reciprocal slight

Is it an unusual demand? she interrogated.

not at all grandma, I meekly replied.

My children are dead and gone

your mother was the last to go

You sing about me very late

I read your poems about me

they made me happy and sad

wanted to pay a visit to you

to offer a big thank-you.

I held her hands with reverence

apologizdream comes true.ed for my late impasse

somehow I told her these two days

her memory crossed me all the way

set the recollections in a canvas

the best one would be in my blog

the private area where I log.

Well, this would circulate through

let my cousins read through

my nieces and nephews understand

the woman who was both pleasant and stoic

realize the suffering she endured all her life

physical ailment was not well attended to

leave alone the agony of the mind .

Where are you? I whimper

I am to my place you answer

say you with a shine in your eyes

at least I remain vague in your memory

you who have not seen me at all

retain a trace of my memory

with that satisfaction I fly back

my blessings always unto you.


The Way It Goes.

Obsessed by thoughts
mostly of my ancestors
more of my grandmother
on the maternal side
these two days I dwell
gathering the anecdotes
told by mother in my teenage
a kind woman she was
short in stature
tall in thoughts
patient and stoic was she
been so quick in handling with tact.
The time of the inauguration
of her husband’s first spinning mill
which was the seed of his industrial empire
her two –pictureyear old son died
she kept it within herself
never cried or broke down
lest her husband would be distracted
held the child in her arms
close to her bosom tight
the man came home stood there she sullen
with a warm smile all the more
relaxed he with a cup of tea
shared her grief with him
on one side was his commercial gain
on the other was his personal loss
prosperity and tragedy coincided
the wife who stood the test of times
did not stay long on earth
to see his rise and wealth
Well, that be the irony of the day
a paradox of the nuptials in stroke
comes to my mind the words
they also serve who stand and wait.


Honour her

Unnoticed she lived

Undermined was her gentle nobility

unsung she died.

Quiet she was

Quizzed not she with buoyancy

Quarreled with none.

Lived beyond era

Lively and wise in tone

Legend not known.

Mother of five

modest and pragmatic in approach

mercenary never in thoughts.

Raised the five

rendered all bounties she could

restricted them not.

Liberty she granted

liberal she was with all

languish she not.

Husband so tall

heights he reached with struggle

her hands behind.

A humble soul

alienated by the life’s toll

away she went .

Her life tells

hinder not anybody even for play

heinous would it be.

Sung none about her

Strong she was all the more

Sense dominated her.