The Slender

The figure is slender 
 I would call it though 
 thin is not the word 
the elegance is not found  
as thin is out of context  
 a wee aside from the rest 
 the  word slender goes easy  
 with fine touches in the feel 
 that thin lacks in effect  
  the  sensation and thrill  
one experiences in the description 
 where slender  travels with a comfort 
a light deviation from the seriousness 
a verse to enjoy and  go through  
with love and grace in total 
 an all one to all intensity in absolute. 



Started As Fun

The style of speech 

 teased and taunted 

 the manner in which expressed 

 elucidated and elaborated 

 a matter that cliches the prime 

 that which deserves mention

 is not the speech in itself

 is that of the mimicry that goes with it 

 not from a stranger in all

 but from the own kith 

 that of a son in full

 talks the same way 

 with the similar rhetoric 

 started as a fun

 has become natural in whole

 that is how it turns 

 finally an unexpected revelation

 that of a mother to son

 bequeathed in generous 

 passed on with pride

 an affair that stands above 

 subjected to the familiarity 

 and the test of times.



The Ceremonies

The ceremonies went on

 the rituals were long 

the chant and recital 

took a full deal  of plunge 

the sanctity engulfed 

the devotion was so dense

 the gathering became one

 diffused in the divinity

they were in a trance

 knew nothing that happened


a juncture of enlightenment they say

 Could it be ?questions my mind  

a doubt that stimulates an apprehension

a feel that triggers a suspicion

 all those are true and genuine 

 be it a masquerade to hide.

I silenced my mind 

 with a stern “NO Way” shout 

 moved out  to breathe fresh.








The Help

Help is a noble sort

much or big does not matter

the thought bears a stigma

none other charity does hold

help is a form of simple

a talk with love lives long

a hand offered works high

a direction shown stand above

the very thought itself is the culmination

or can I say it a confluence

where charity and philanthropy

born in the abode of helphelp

spread their wings in and around

Mind you, the simplicity should stay

lest it loses its charm in the stream

absolved by the fanfare all ahead.