Not The Hoary Past.

The Dharma I know

not he the brother of Arjuna

of the epic Mahabaratha

a man of unreasonable pride

takes us on a joy ride

speaks of his wealth and pedigree

though they vary in degree

goes on a pilgrimage often

wife also in the run

his children left alone in a way

gone wayward in a day

the eldest lives in the world of drugs

makes the others to shrug

the second girl has gone astray

now become sober they say

the youngest is a son

is almost half done

a mixture of both the siblings

beats his wife into the ring

the mother joins him in the fare

the wife unable to bear

walks away from home in disgust

Dharma now is under arrest

that be the end of the story

sounds it not a little hoary

yet it is most recent

from people not decentwife beats husband


The Only Way

My papers fly
towards the sky
could not stop them by
see them with sigh
Oh! my papers I cry
they are precious I vie
Lo! they have flown away
not able to retrieve them any way
those gone are gone anyway
seek to record again paper flyis the only way.


The Street Walk

Into the streets I walk
find I there no stalk
let alone the vegetation
there is much pollution
there I find no greenery
Only they look very dreary
soot and black fog all around
congestion and crowd in the round
noise steers across in loud
the din causes a strange bound
there is activity commercial
transactions go ahead in official
the street walk is no more pleasant
there is no fun and at times not decent.street walk