The Early Bird Call

The early bird call
is a sign of spring
be that in the west
we call it “vasantham”
a lovely season
the word be in itself
a synonym of prosperity
where the earth abounds
with crops and grains
where there hangs a smile
all faces do light up
the weather turns pleasant
the sun shines not so right
stands there moderate
emits not fierce heat
be there rains intermittent
renders the land cool
the winds blow gently
the breeze kisses the land
as thy flow with ease
that be the call of the birds
early in the morn
to awake the man
who sleeps in an enclosure
not aware of the fascination
nor realises the grandeur
that rise up in the wee hours/

early bird call


How Long?

Heard I a story

not of a fairy

of a family

where the elderly

as well as the young

talk with overtures

a boast of their wealth

a lecture on their health

list the cost of each tablet

enlist their expenditure on clothes

tabulate the jewels they have

count the properties they own

Well. it was a drone

proved a lengthy bore

difficult to hear more

unobtrusively made way

through the hot day

pant and heaved did I

with a long sigh

How long I have heard ?

How much long should I hear ?