The Competitions.

The competitions on the television

 breaks the nerve and the vision

 the practice and rehearsal done with strain

 kills the spirit  all the more in the reign

the make ups and the dress go beyond 

 the feel and the tempo is range bound 

the child or whoever it be the participant 

never attains the coveted recipient.super singer

loses her innocence in the curriculum

 there is nothing agog  in the referendum 

while the little one undergoes  a swish 

fails to enjoy the childhood bliss 

a punishment  it would be 

which earns a fame and glee

from which the child would love to flee.





That Be The End.

Sleep for a little while

 sleep in style

 not on the beds of Nile

 but over the file 

 that too in a guile 

 tell all you are busy

 your head goes dizzy

 your eyes see things hazy

 you then go crazy

succumb to the fantasy 

fall into the greasy

 that be the end really.



 end of the world