The Incongruity

The  ways of men whatever it be  
goes not in between 
 but through the bends  
 into the holes, down the drain 
there be no rules nor be any justice 
 be there all incongruity 
 unable to access  
 nor aid in a see through  
 there be a great deviation 
goes by in a fast track  
 almost startled by the factions 
 dissuaded by the traction  
 a feigned movement on the way  
 that always stands in a stay. 


The Drizzle.

The drizzle all through the day

sent a  sensation so lovely and gay

wanted to reach out  to the fray

restrained the wish in a way 

 still overwhelmed  to play 

ran out to enjoy the rays 

the rain drops fell on the face 

went past  me without a trace

 yet could feel the dainty lace 

so good was it  in the brace.





A Big Temple


There is a big temple 

on a space ample 

I could see a trample 

 it looks as a  a gamble 

to move in an amble 

the sanctum is unreachable

 the deity gleams  adorable

negotiated through the jumble 

almost with a fumble 

prayed in the ensemble 

peace descended i a preamble.