The Dainty Flower

It is a dainty flower

lovely and tender

gay it looks

beside a brook

being very small

it looks not tall

catches the eye

crucially with a sigh

not one of heave

but of sieve

goes into the heart

strikes with a start

transcends into peace

joins together all pieces

of the mind and thought

to a totality found anew

Indeed! a genuine renew.

flower dainty


The “Murai” As They Say.

A community to which I belong

known for its munificence for long

a small conglomeration it be

bankers in profession they be

lived modestly all through their life

built palatial houses during their life

well, that be the activities in the past

now the role of the community is cast

difference in their outlook mostly

their prospects overturned greatly

demand dowry for their sons all the most

understandable in the Indian context

do also ask for the mother-in-law

who brought to the world a son without flaw

the latest I heard was a million in count

follows in queue other accounts

where comes the claim for the sixth month

call they “marunthu kudithal” or “theertham kudithal”

while the girl is in the family way

then arrives the child in time

the mother-in-law calls for a celebration

name the ceremony as “vilayattu petti vevu”

funded by the girl’s parents with deliberation

you would by now imagine there comes the end

nay it traverses through the bend

with many more formalities to be accomplished

as there be festivals all throughout

Deepavalli, pongal, and “thiruvizha “murai throng

multiply the submissions all along

these happen almost in every household

the son becomes an investment as he grows

the revenue the mother receives is multi fold

many a people like me simply behold

not able to bring a change

any protest raised is thrown aside

the community acts ruthless in this paraphernalia

not ashamed of these transactions inter alia