The Loss

Careless in all 
 there be not small
 there be all the great 
be it of any rate
 the loss not heavy 
 considered in the value 
 that of the sentiments 
 would bear an impact
could not be compensated 
 either by kind or cash
 that which is gone 
 is lost forever.






There She Be.

Not a fairy, mind you

not an angel to see through

 a tall lanky figure

 features not so exciting either

 not found poise rather

 with that grace goes missing

 she being so in tone and texture

behaves superciliously lanky lady  in society

as though she is a leader

demands and delivers actions 

delivers and decides on schemes

 nothing there be much of worth

hurls unwanted remarks  with pungency

 many a one want to retort

 but resist themselves from  involvement

works to her advantage very well

 as she glides with an incorrigible flair..