What To Do?

A little while ago

a flood of phone calls    

 a stream of visitors 

 a deluge of work

 a  kind of storm in the house 

 though not in the real sense

 unbearable and beyond 

 sat baffled for a moment deluge

hands on the head 

dazed I was for a second 

 knew not what to do?

a run away could save 

 jumped out of the window 

strode  into the wilderness

 a whiff of fresh air

struck the face

 rejuvenation  at last. 








That Is Me

forgetfulnessForgetfulness has become my way.

I do everything with ease   and control

 compile the specifications in detail

 arrange them in order with precision

 ready be they for presentation

at the moment of delivery 

 likely I forget the core  all the more 

 walk on to the dais with dignity

 rummage through to find the documents

 not to find them tin the file

 go with an extempore address

all from the memory that resumes work

 finally end up with an applause

 what did I do ? i not remember 

 once again forgetfulness sets in.