Worthy To Remember.

A crash there be
all in a sudden it be
the flight from Netherlands
crossed the alien land
would that be Ukraine
where turbulence reigns
the passengers all on board
been on flight  not bored
the hope of many a one
a wish of mostly none
the want to see places
the thought of those in gazes
never dreamt of the missile fire
sealed them into the pyre
young and old altogether
of any nationality  together
fell  from the skies  as embers
could this be  a day worthy to rememberMH17


Little Away from The World.

A little away from the world 

 a  small distance from the people

 a  break from the relations 

a flight from the friends 

 has been a lovely status 

keeps the peace  in mind

 the mind is at rest 

 the physic is in the flow

thoughts run not slow 

 there transcends a  bliss 

 know not how to explain.

away from the world


The Absolute Fend

A mind is at work 
 not today but always 
 do this with a strength 
 do that with an attention 
 commands the mind 
 lets not the body to rest in peace 
 as the heart beats all along 
there be no rest either way 
 that be the life of a man 
 not a lazy one at the last 
 but one of the man with aim 
 breathes he never with a relax 
 strides all the more with a fret 
 the mins is never at rest 
 as in motion it is at inertness. 
 a  relevance that is beyond fend
 has a lot of meaning in the flow 
 not taken in without a blow 
 the mind reaps and reaches the end 
 well , that be its absolute fend.