The Lady I Admire.

 The heart turns  heavy 

the head revolves in a kind

 tears flow down freely

 as news of death came at noon

a woman of great strength 

stored everything in mind

 no word drops out  in  a hurry 

that be her forte 

 lived so long so

 with tempers under control

 spoke a few times when necessary

 silence most of the period  

 a lady of great capability 

 not on to university 

  a scholar by experience

 sober and sullen she lived

 quiet and dignified  she passed away

 this day  of the month at early morn

 daughters all around her in togetherness

 hope her mandate would  go down

 to her progeny without a break

would funeral raise her flag with pride

 though  her breath has sunk down

her spirit lives all around

 a kindly light has taken its flight

 God be with her always!