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The Don’ts

The don’tsdont I hear daily

starts with the morning tea

with the warning right

tea is injurious to health

bread is gluten prone

milk has a lot of fat

restrict on sugar

consume less salt

do not fry or deep fry

sleep not in the afternoon

sit not long on the computer

not relax in the couch

watch not the television for hours

goes on the list with many don’ts

do’s are very small

don’ts are long and many

know not what to do

know what not to do.


The Early Bird Call

The early bird call
is a sign of spring
be that in the west
we call it “vasantham”
a lovely season
the word be in itself
a synonym of prosperity
where the earth abounds
with crops and grains
where there hangs a smile
all faces do light up
the weather turns pleasant
the sun shines not so right
stands there moderate
emits not fierce heat
be there rains intermittent
renders the land cool
the winds blow gently
the breeze kisses the land
as thy flow with ease
that be the call of the birds
early in the morn
to awake the man
who sleeps in an enclosure
not aware of the fascination
nor realises the grandeur
that rise up in the wee hours/

early bird call

How Long?

Heard I a story

not of a fairy

of a family

where the elderly

as well as the young

talk with overtures

a boast of their wealth

a lecture on their health

list the cost of each tablet

enlist their expenditure on clothes

tabulate the jewels they have

count the properties they own

Well. it was a drone

proved a lengthy bore

difficult to hear more

unobtrusively made way

through the hot day

pant and heaved did I

with a long sigh

How long I have heard ?

How much long should I hear ?


The Dainty Flower

It is a dainty flower

lovely and tender

gay it looks

beside a brook

being very small

it looks not tall

catches the eye

crucially with a sigh

not one of heave

but of sieve

goes into the heart

strikes with a start

transcends into peace

joins together all pieces

of the mind and thought

to a totality found anew

Indeed! a genuine renew.

flower dainty

The “Murai” As They Say.

A community to which I belong

known for its munificence for long

a small conglomeration it be

bankers in profession they be

lived modestly all through their life

built palatial houses during their life

well, that be the activities in the past

now the role of the community is cast

difference in their outlook mostly

their prospects overturned greatly

demand dowry for their sons all the most

understandable in the Indian context

do also ask for the mother-in-law

who brought to the world a son without flaw

the latest I heard was a million in count

follows in queue other accounts

where comes the claim for the sixth month

call they “marunthu kudithal” or “theertham kudithal”

while the girl is in the family way

then arrives the child in time

the mother-in-law calls for a celebration

name the ceremony as “vilayattu petti vevu”

funded by the girl’s parents with deliberation

you would by now imagine there comes the end

nay it traverses through the bend

with many more formalities to be accomplished

as there be festivals all throughout

Deepavalli, pongal, and “thiruvizha “murai throng

multiply the submissions all along

these happen almost in every household

the son becomes an investment as he grows

the revenue the mother receives is multi fold

many a people like me simply behold

not able to bring a change

any protest raised is thrown aside

the community acts ruthless in this paraphernalia

not ashamed of these transactions inter alia

Not The Hoary Past.

The Dharma I know

not he the brother of Arjuna

of the epic Mahabaratha

a man of unreasonable pride

takes us on a joy ride

speaks of his wealth and pedigree

though they vary in degree

goes on a pilgrimage often

wife also in the run

his children left alone in a way

gone wayward in a day

the eldest lives in the world of drugs

makes the others to shrug

the second girl has gone astray

now become sober they say

the youngest is a son

is almost half done

a mixture of both the siblings

beats his wife into the ring

the mother joins him in the fare

the wife unable to bear

walks away from home in disgust

Dharma now is under arrest

that be the end of the story

sounds it not a little hoary

yet it is most recent

from people not decentwife beats husband

The Only Way

My papers fly
towards the sky
could not stop them by
see them with sigh
Oh! my papers I cry
they are precious I vie
Lo! they have flown away
not able to retrieve them any way
those gone are gone anyway
seek to record again paper flyis the only way.