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Society,Socialism, Socialising.

A random study

The society is a group or community that behests attention, that requires cooperation ,that inducts  comprehension, that allots communication.

The society is a collective expression of individual thoughts and gathered exposition of each one’s spirit.

The motivation that drills the mind is that of oneness and  a wholesome  presentation.


Socialism,is a beautiful concept that is misunderstood, that is most misrepresented, and that which is most practised in a deliberate digression.

It aims at distribution through individual  production efforts.


Communism  the extreme form has found a popular support.

The significant assumption of  communism is  not constrained by economics but keeps under its sway politics also.

Its aim is statelessness and classlessness.

Capitalism  is an economic system  which  professes  private ownership.

Socialism ,thus is a harmonious combination of capitalism and communism.

Socialising is an interaction.It has its limitation .

An excess of it leads to trouble.

Too much socialising results in a clash of egos , of morals, of beliefs and of distinctive styles.

The unique style of an individual gets diffused 

He may turn out to be a go getter.

He may work on social events with understanding.

But his  presentation becomes common.

He is  one among many.



The society that brings about socialism and causes socialising should have a limited scope in an individuals preference.

A Man should rely on himself, while adjusting in a society.

A Man should follow the ideologies of socialism without hampering his self.

A man should indulge in socialising by keeping him above any remarkable manifestations.

Society above self, strikes the chord.

Mind you ,society should never outbreak self.

By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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