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Eateries Down My Road

Wayside Dining.

My neighbourhood was a calm ,area some fifteen years back.

I was one of the first to settle in this suburb.

But mow it is a s crowded as a road in the centre o the town, with shops , banks, departmental stores ,apartments.

We were only three in our road  during the eighties.

Now we are three thousands.

As the suburb lost its serenity and solitude, it assumed a look of a mini town.

The first visible change ,I deciphered was the eateries which came up one by one.

A little away from my home, there is  a chef who prepares soup, both vegetable and mutton.

Soups  are starters in a posh hotels.

The wayside  also extends  food in par with high-end restaurants.

A few yards from my house, there came up a mobile eatery .

It specialised in medicinal pancakes (puri).

The puris are made by grinding soaked raw rice along with spinach .The various spinach used are thuthuvalai, mullu murungai, tulasi. The ground batter is made into small circles which are  fried in oil.This puri is good for cough and cold.It clears the congestion .

 AT the next stop , some hundred yards  away, we can find a mobile van with stoves, providing vegetable rice, raithas, chicken sixty .

Down the road ,we can also find petty vendors selling  steaming idlis,  hot parthas, sizzling dosas,all prepared on the spot They are piping hot and  tasty.

So ,a stroll down the road will  appease the hunger,while extending a delicious menu both homely and cost savy.

The experience is one of thrill  .

By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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