Daily Archives: July 25, 2013

Experience over Research.

In all likelihood
there is going to be rain
said the weather forecast.
while my grand old man
in his eighties firmly refutes saying
that in all impossibility
there would be not a drop of rain.
Whom to believe?
Ipredicting rain stay sullen
My grand old man
has once again proved right
there was not a single drop of rain
anywhere nearby.

Do You know?

math-05Do you know addition?
I asked a six-year-old.
She smiled at me
looking at me funnily.
Thinking she does not know
went on to ask
if she is familiar with the tables.
Breaking into laughter
posing a mischievous smile
she said additions and tables are for the old
manual and doing it by rote are not her way.
saying She brought to me sheets of arithmetic
taught by the Kumon method
I could not make head or tail of it
as I belong to the old school
where maths is taught with fun
counting with beads in kindergarten
with the carry over and carry forward
with a borrower and a lender
with speed and time, Kumonratio and proportion
with measurements and distance
all in one go
right from class one upwards
we went in a steady flow
slowly and steadily assimilating everything in school
where none other activity or coaching became essential.

The New -Born

The new-born cries
seeing the world perhaps
knowing fully well of the corruption
understanding the greed
counting the scathing remarks
noticing all things done improperly
The baby would cry even more
and hope it would not stop
if it sees the other atrocities
that rule the world blasphemous
sealing it to a devastation.
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Night Life

The twinkling stars race across the sky.
The full moon stands steadfast shining bright
as the darkness envelopes the clear blue sky
rendering a coolness differentnight life from the day bright.
With the night setting in slowly in the sky
the birds gradually retreat into their nest
and the animals sluggishly lie down for rest
man gets on his night life in a grand old bar.
When every living being gets back into the cool
man gets into the much burning liveliness
losing his energy and health in a pub
boozing merrily and watching dancing dames.
Quixotic is man deviating from the proclaimed precepts
thinking high of himself but stoops much low than his counterparts.

The Day Passes.

The day has gone past.
The events have fled fast.
They have moved away from the original.
Things that could have concluded in internal
has come out in the public to the external.
Tconclusionhat which seemed to be cumbersome
has turned out not to be loathsome.
Expecting not such terms all along
had to remain with fingers crossed
keeping the mouth shut all through
but with watchful eyes examining through
a conclusion is yet to come into force
hope to achieve the slot one chose.

Live For You

She was crying all the more.
She broke into sobs now and then evermore.
She wept and wailed beating her heart in pain
Tears trickled down her rosy cheeks like a train.
Her face became red and swollen.
None could comfort her
None wished to go near her.
Her feelings were so intense .
Somewhere down the house
there came a womanvoice in a whisper
Ma, ma, called the little one in best temper.
She stood dazed for a while remaining wild
Ran to get hold of her child
Holding him tight she said
I would live for you my child.