sunken eyes
She getting thinner and thinner
looks like a bag of bones.
High cheeks stand protruding.
Her eyes sunken looks cheerless.
Her neck long and thin
eject like a giraffe.
The hands are long and bony
The fingers with long nails
expose the nerves and are sinewy.
Appearing long and lean
she ensues a terrible distraction.
All these did happen
as she had gone on diet
wanting to shed few kilos
Actually it had led to
a destruction of flesh
and extrusion of bones
A wrong formula perhaps
deployed by her to look
elegant and slim.
Remember,the flesh around you
and the skin over it
give a beautiful look
one supplementing the other.


Praise The Dead.

Praising the one when he is dead
making him a saint
apart from all follies
away from all flaws
has become the practice.
Know not why it has become so
When one is alive
he faces confrontations
and suffers verbal attacks
even physical assaults.
The moment he passes away
he is spoken high off
his negatives become positives
growing high in image
held in esteem by the very same
who talked ill of him.
Wonder ,why such things happen.
Feel, why not people behave normally.
Sense, a quality of belittlement.
Experience, a toxic level of excitement.


Patience Is A virtue.

With the right turn
she went away
getting hurt
and badly beaten
by the remarks and tease.
She, being genial
got along in cordial
never rubbing anyone
on the wrong side
Taking care in extremes
smiling at all in pleasant
talking in terms cool
behaving with elegance.
Unfortunately she got
a treatment bad
and a deride sad
making her reject everyone.
This being the first time
she expressed her displeasure
and made a walkout
to show her protest.
Patience is a virtue no doubt
But excess of it becomes a vice .



The Strong Will

A strong-willed person
lacks a strong physique
With a frail body
and very less immunity
he contracts infection
every now and then
Getting over one
he catches another
which drain his resources
making him weak and tired
but with his determination
overcomes these discomforts
moving along with the world
participating in every event
emerging successful
proving that strength of mind
sustains the spirit than the body.frail


Insignificant Though.

Riding high over the hills
galloping in great speed
The messenger reached the house
where he had to deliver the mail.
Knocking the door several times
he received no response
as he was about to turn around
heard a noise of releasing the latch.
Once again climbed the steps toward the door.
Saw a petite woman standing looking sick.
He handed over the mail to her
waited for her signature .
With trembling hands she signed the document.horseback
Leaving the mail on the steps
she went inside and locked the door.
The man stood astonished at her reaction.
Things insignificant as this and irrelevant to the man
as such do cause an irk and a palpitation in the mind .


The Grass Roots.

The little grass seen over there
dazzled with dew drops on its blades.
The green and silvery hue over there
set a picture of a lively glade.
The grass knew not it is going to be razed down
as a man was moving to the spot to cut it in haste.
The sprightly grass became nothing exposing the ground brown.
The grass lay down in heap assuming the expense of waste.
Nay, it did not lay thee for long under the sun
as a cow ,which was loitering around,grass-in-the-flower-bed0000 seeing the grass
walked towards it and started munching it with great fun.
With that the grass vanished from sight in a flash.