Sleep gives a relief.
It releases a relaxation.
it is a long time belief
that afternoon sleep is a trepidation.

Sleep any time is great.
it is a welcome straight.
Relieving the mind at a rate
and relaxing the body not late.

With sleep deep there comes
a rejuvenation in a leap
enhancing the reap
in a lively heap.

Sleep for hours together
settles the cumbersome in a tether
showing through the weather
along with happiness altogether.

Sleep is temporary death
as it makes one forget the dearth
perhaps holding out the breath
through the time in a berth.sleep


Flowers Seem to Wither.

The flowers are looking dazed.
The freshness has effaced.
There is no lovely trace.
They escape from the gaze.

Sad to see them in such state.
They seem to fumble great
Not cheerful at any rate.
but drooping dry in chaste.

Flowers usually bring cheer
They are to be held dear.
Keeping them close and near
will add to the lively steer.

These flowers seem to wither
looking from thither
they appear fighting with factors othercampanulaalpinaherb2
braving the heat and weather


Independent Stature.

Having done it so well
she did not want to tell
as she felt it would be a sell
and go to ring the bell
which otherwise would remain calm.

A composure of great depth she had,
A fine presentation she made.
A great execution she contributed in grade
making an impression of lovely shade
which otherwise would have got exposed.

Nurturing it with great care
she did not have the thought to dare
to lay the theme in a bare
but wanted to very badly share
which otherwise would have passed unnoticed.

That being her long-term plan
she did not reveal to her clan
as it had to grow still from the strand
it needed time to flower and stand
independent by itself away from the band,excellence


Relating The Faces in Phases

The liveliness is very familiar.
The looks are so similar.
The resemblance is striking.
The mannerism is so alluring
arousing a puzzle and quandary.

With the confusion looming high
Sat there for a few hours in a try
searching for the relevance with a buy
failing to get the attachments in style
left the place with a disappointment great.

Memory lapses occur at the most important space.
It might be this,might be that goes the mind in chase.
The mind tries to recapture the hundreds of faces
but gets lost getting stuck up somewhere in place.
Finally gives up the taskface. in slow phases.