Within And Without.—Haiku.

All from within
gave way to a without
in spell out.

All from without
found its way to within
in break out.

Within and without
came in and went out
in a bout.stock-photo-isolated-child-with-an-emotional-outburst-46257649bottled inside


The Encounter.

With a feel and kneel
she stood before him.
He sat rigid and tight
as if ready for a fight.
The encounter looked so unpleasant
while one looked very pleasant
the other was damn wicked.

How is it going to end?
He not in a mood to bend.
She in a note to accept
that falls within the precept.
The uneasiness was going for long
keeping every settlement in a prolong.
None could understand what was going on.

Watching the sequence from close quarters
felt very bad for the girl in every frontier
But could do nothing to bring in a unity
as the man did not endear any cordiality.
Befallen the girl turned away from him
swearing never to see him
with that the ties got snappedmarriage-broken-egg-300x199 forever.


The Rain And Sun

The sun and rain play important
as they give vitality to life
The sun gives impetus to growth
The rain supplements the progress.
Life in darkness sees no thrive.
Life without water also finds no reprieve.
Complementing each other in the drive
the prosperity gets on with a push
sustaining the world in which we live
keeping us alive in this world of struggle.
An excess of sun and rain will bring a collapse
as the rains becomes storm rummaging the entire
causing a hang over in full term.
The extra ordinary sun shine would char life
demeaning the whole to burnt cinders
The deficit of rain and water
would again land in trouble
creating famine and drought
with that killing many along
in their quick schedule.rain ans sun


Looking Through Love.

Love seen through the eyes
Amour visible through the movement of hands
holding together in amity and extreme affection
Smiling and giggling for nothing
Nodding and nudging at times.
Enthusiastic and excited mostly
Gesturing with a feature adorable
All done with discretion perfect
performedthrough-the-eyes-of-God-2-237x300 with modulations precise.
tell us quietly and softly as though in a whisper
that both have fallen for each other
and are bound by true love.


Buying Water.

Buying water has become the way of life.
Imagine the plight of our life
Those of you who know not what it is
would undergo a shock after hearing this.
The water table having depleted below
going three hundred meters into the ground deep below.
Water has become a commodity like gold and diamond
going deep into the earth needing an excavation like diamond.
As it has become rare nowadays in this part of the world
the price tag it has on its head is beyond the capacity of the world.
Procuring water for daily usage has become a necessity
The administration has to take care of the necessity
It sits pretty comfortable in the capital
not bothering to sort it out but eating the capital.
Day in and day out the struggle goes on without any drop-outs.
People have to queue up to get a pot of water in the drop-outs.
The fertile fields and orchards suffer severally
as the crops and trees go dry and die severally.
Man’s indignity and conceit has paid me off liberally
making him stand without water most of the time also (8)


Bemoaning Nature.

The sky looks dark and grey
I thought it is going to rain.
It is not real it is a belie
Nature seems to get into the line.
Beguiling and besetting in a say.
Appearing and disappearing in time.
Making a belief and a disbelief in the sway.
Well, these are not anything unusual.
The disguise and deceit is seen in man.
Nature seems to have taken the cue in ritual
Bemoaning, I go about cursing nature,CarbonEmissions being a man.
Not knowing that the darkness cast in the sky in factual
really is the pollutes man sends to the sky above
as emissions of carbon contaminating the environment over and above.


Going Without Rains.

Going without rains for the past month
the land got dry and parched
There was rain a few hours back
It was not copious but more than a drizzle.
The trees had a lively shower which made them look fresh
as the moth and dirt gathered got washed away.
The leaves looked greener and gleamed in the sunshine
which before were in disarray and dust laden.
The mild rains gave a great joy to one and all
While the people rejoiced the coolness it granted for a while
the birds cried in mirth seeing the slight rainsmild rains pouring intensely.
It was a break, a welcome break from the rigorous sun and oppressing humidity
which prevailed all throughout the month creating a want of not to live.