Saturations And Repercussions.

Noticed a lovely little bud near by.
Saw a mighty ocean a little away.
Perceived a blossoming flower besides.
Met a unmatured girl a few yards away.
Getting assaulted on every other way
Her spirit dampened at the incongruity of the world.



Cause Might Be.

Today rose. up to a different morn
heard no cawing of crows early in the morn
not the cuckoo singing aloud in the morn
or the chattering of sparrows in the morn
being there silence, a monumental silence.

Wondering,got up from the bed early in the morn
Walked out to the patio hurriedly with a frown
Searched for the adorable birds in the dawn
None could be found on trees or plants around the lawn
With dismay turned inside with worries not gone.

Deliberating on this unusual activity for long
Got up to go with the routine in a belong,
The remnants of the morn’s behaviour haunted along.
Felt sad of having missed the morning song.
Moved out with a sensibility wrong.

The distraction was a haunt in the affront.
Many dispositions came to the mind at front.
Being there no rain has caused distraught drought
There were no flowers or fruits in the upfront.
These might be the reasons for the birds to migrate in brunt.


An Insight keen.

Funny it might look
but it has a serious impact.
Grave it might appear
but would be very frivolous.
Thus the happenings and events command
demanding an insight keen.
Going by the appearance is deceptive
A clown who makes other people laugh
carries a heavy feeling internally
laughing outside he weeps inside.
Playing pranks to please others
sustains him and his family
While he does comical interludes
he breaks down with an inclusion within his circle
as he pours out his bottled up emotions.
The deluge of interceptions make him a tragic hero.
Whereas a man who cries uncontrollably on stage
creates a scene and pulls his audience alongside
has a peaceful life at home living in prosperity and cheer.
These two supposed schedules on stage and on real life
give a gist of what is transpiring amongst us.
Many among us put a bold face in times of sorrow.
Many more amongst us become sad at the slightest intrigue.
Such controversial stuff by which man is made off
presenting a dull comprehension and a frugal basics
coping with difficulty in the worldly strife.


Experience In Real life.

Enormous wealth lies unclaimed
while the family is engaged in feuds
A year later it would pass on to the national wealth
while the family would go on fighting
for what is not there as everything has been lost.
Fights do bring justice they say
but I feel it would be possible in a place
where there is law and justice,discipline and decorum.
When these go missing from the scenario
how do you expect a judgement fair and just.
This family has got nowhere as the members fighting
do shadow boxing and keep away from each other
fearing they might lose what they have in hand
perhaps they do not want to share their booty
with the one who has not got anything.
In the end the outsiders, banks and auctioneer’s enter
acquiring a valuable asset and lucrative revenue.
That is how things work when there is no understanding.
when the members lack the fundamental principles and reasoning power.


Immortal You Are.

immortalThe ease of mediation
the flexibility in thinking
the desire to conclude
all get strangled
by the quality of jealousy.
Envy has been long man’s enemy
The better qualities in him
sink into oblivion and disappear
when jealousy takes over.
Feeling hot over nothing
Depressed over another’s progress.
Talking ill of a kin.
Manipulating and manoeuvring
Stopping other’s advance in life and business
by placing hurdles and constructing obstacles
both physical and abstract a notion to be disowned
make life which is a short span
a period of sixty to eighty years in all
hell and morbid, disenchanting and unnerving.
This diabolical attitude is because
that each one of us think we are immortal
and would stay on forever reigning supreme.