The Clever kittens.

The skinny kitten slept under the car.
as it felt it is the most safest place.
It slept for a while till it heard a call from afar.
Getting up lazily it peeped into the open space.
Saw one of its siblings in distress a little away.
Not knowing what to do it went to its place.

The other one was in real trouble chased by a dog.
It mewed and purred as it dashed along the pathway
The dog followed it with great focus all agog.
making the kitten die in fright in all ways
The little one did not give out his log
fearing his life would be in danger and at bay.

It stayed put in its place secure and safe,
The other one managed to climb the tree
letting the dog go round and round in daze.
The dog smelling something under the car
came dashing to the place to trace.
The little one shuddered with fear
and made a stealthy retreat beyond the car’s rear.

The dog tired could not find anything to his like
walked in to his resting place exhausted
Panting it fell asleep like the dead for long
Both the kittens now not worried ran towards their mother
who was overjoyed to see them in flesh and blood after long.
The proud mother led the kittens back home
happy to know that her kittens would survive.Kittens


The Tale of Two Cities.

The tale of the cities
keep us in the going
letting a best of knowing
carrying it with incidents
that went on to make up the city decent.

The landmarks that still remain
give us a peep into the past in a feign
while most have been razed down in the main
without concern and consideration but for gain
giving an appearance shoddy inviting pain.

The cities now have transformed anew
look different as the renewal
goes in speed unaware of the heritage sinew
making digressions many not few
rendering a sight gaudy subjected to rue.

The cities were formed and framed
with the mind and indication not tame
but with the thought of fame
that would be bestowed on their names
taking them to heights without blame.

Now they look sophisticated and grand
They differ from the prescribed strand.
Holding high raise buildings in the land
might look secure but could never withstand
the quakes and Tsunami that dismantle the band.

The tale of the cities get added with facts
as the years go in a fast moving tracts
The inclusions in later years gain strength than the acts
that had been performed to make the city intact.
Listening to the tale and questioning are 11ap22 pleasant interacts.


Embodiment Of grace.

A beautiful little bird
Hlittle birdopping on the grass
singing merrily
dancing happily
spent her time long
on the well-kept grass
worried about nothing
thinking not of past
looking at none in front
hearing no other talk in the back
appeared in perfect dazzle
Had no castle overhead
had no paintings or pictures
hanging on walls of her nest
Oh! she needs none
Castle, paintings or pictures
as she herself is an embodiment
a combination of all things good and great.


Experience Of Credibility

Her house is a mini zoo.
Cats with their kittens
go about in the yard
while the dogs and pups
play in the patio.
The few snakes crawl
hissing around the back yard.
The cows are reared by her
as she is a lover of fresh dairy produce.
Her horses in the stable stand with a shine.
They take her around in a gallop.
She has bee hives in the garden too.
Being a place where tree and plants abound
there is no dearth of birds
who sing and hoot , who chatter and squeak
from morn till duskmini zoo all throughout.
Her workers get going in a shift
taking care of the domesticated animals
and also those who have come on their own.
An experience of credibility is awaiting
if one takes a walk round her house.



The land beneath trembled for a few minutes
The oceans roared and soared at the same time
The land shook and quivered in no time.
Buildings crumbled Tsunamiand collapsed at the set time.
Men got swallowed in a gulp by water in a flash
and caught amidst the debris in the trash
Panic befell in the surround in less time.
Mayhem all around would last for lot more time


The Oceans Way of Life.

The ocean is full with water salty
yet the waters send a thrill
Seeing them rising up is a joy.
Seeing them going down is fun.
The ups and downs in life
seem to take their like
from their mighty ocean.
Let us see life as we perceive the ocean
The incidents sad and bitter
should not make us jitter.
The fortunes in life rise above
perching us high above.
The misfortunes do pull us down
but have to accept them without frown.
The Mighty ocean teaches us in profuse
We have to learn how to infuse
the ocean’s trial without a loose.BSeasunsetlg


Ants ,Bees And Sparrows.


The small things we see keep us agog.
The ants moving up and down
black ,red and brown
seem to go to a nearby town
perhaps to a place well-known
holds our attention in great tone.

So be the ants in line
come next the swarm of bees
which go round in buzzing tees
sucking the nectar from the trees
moving in circles without a cease
making us watch them as though in a seize.

The buzzing tone gives way to squeaks
with the sparrows tweeting from the creeks
pecking the insects with their beaks
quipping and responding with shrieks
going up and down in a freak
on the whole releasing a scenario sleek.

The ants, bees and sparrows make us watch with awe.
Their movement renders a discipline enormous.
Their purpose releases a gusto tremendous.
Their unity throws a light fastidious.
Their activities let out a spark imperious.
We look small apparently before their grandeur gorgeous