By All Sorts.

Sleeping sound
with a noisy snort
he woke up in a sort
as if duty bound.sleeping

Reading profound
with an unusual care
he looked bare
as if totally ground.

Writing about new-found
with a real flair
he appeared fair
as if perfectly sound.

Walked of in a round
along the less traversed road
in the daylight broad
as if chased by a hound.

Thus going in and out
he reached his destination
with a great distraction
as if he be all throughout.


King Lear And Cordelia

The night sky is clear
The darkness cause a fear
That from the rear
shows up very clear
as we go on to hear
with our sharp ears
the noise goes up in seer
while the movement is here
the voice is from there
resembling the one dear
weeping like king Lear
holding his Cordelia near
knowing not out of fear
she being dead
caressing her with love
and the great King
looks like one to be jeered. King lear


A Growing Grudge.

With a great grudge
determined not to budge
he went ahead in rage.

Being attacked now and then
injured him often
baseless being the reason.

Caught in the wrong foot
he gave a big bloody boot
forcing them out of route.

Still they continued slandering
which made him squirming
then firmly he gave them a throwing.

Having a sound base now
to tarnish their faces in a row
he settled them in a blow.

That ended their ploy
making them run in coy
putting him in solace great.grudge


By Date.

Going by the date
ruled by the fate
it is not too late
to show the hate
that has almost ate
the pride in a rate
unfathomable great
hard to relate
and difficult to update.

Going by the creative
taken up by a prerogative.
it is not active
to express in affirmative
that is almost derivative
carrying the prohibitive
greatly stock-photo-what-is-going-on-we-hear-everything-we-know-everything-we-are-always-up-to-date-11753917 informative
hard to be diminutive
and difficult to be repulsive


Stars Foretell.–Haiku.

Stars do foretell
as they keep on twinkling
calling us ahead.

Stars fix up
marriages in my lovely world
with great belief.

What stars foretell
do actually work through greatly
accurate or different?

Working very different
as most marriages get broken
with perfect combination.

Yet they hold
as the belief runs through
from time immemoriastarsl