Where Evil Dares?

A photo hung on a window hook
being there for a long time in great look
His mother had displayed it with love
as she felt that her son was most handsome

After a break of a few years
went to the ancestral home with all ears
The picture was hanging as usual
a burning candle and flowers lay there in casual.

Horrified to see that in daylight glare
feeling bad about the woman’s dare
threw the flowers through the window
shouting at her from my heart’s hollow.

She had done it with a purpose and design.
Praying for the man’s exit in a resign
as he has overthrown candle and flower. them in all ventures
making them part with his share in real adventure.


Prominent Duck

The thoughts have got stuck
lying somewhere in the mind.
Pulling them out is a suck.
as they remain adamant and unkind.
Extracting them out is a luck
they being together in a bind.
There is seen a prominent duck
emerging out after much grind.


Applaud and Appreciate.

An applause loud
kindled the fire.
An appreciation critical
dwindled the desire.

The spirit to perform
portraying a valid act
gets to the top form
if it goes on right track.

Presentation turns valid
with a dedicated try.
It turns invalid
if enacted with shy.

Criticisms give an impetus
healthy ones ignite the mind
while the unkind ones release a fuss
causing a depression in the hind.

Injuring the performer
with scathing remarks
make him an under performer
imposing a self restricted mark.

The applause and appreciation
create a wonderful ideologist
while the deride and degradation
destroy the beautiful ideals.applaud


Moon’s Phases.

The moon waxes and wanes.
Seeing the increase is lively
A dot becomes a line
a line takes the shape of an arc.
An arc develops into a semi-circle
and the semi turns full.
The full moon looks full
shining with a coolness
looking bright with a modesty
on the whole pleasant and lovely

Similarly the waning leaves an impact.
The circle loses its roundness.
The full becomes semi.
The semi diminishes to an arc.
The arc takes the shape of the line
and the line fades into a dot
being crazily called us New Moon.
The waxing and waning every fortnight
keeps the momentum in sight.
symbolic of the ups and downs in lifeMoon_phases_en.


Reputation In the Front.

Wealth oscillates
Goes up and down
with rise and fall.

Reputation has to be stable
has to remain steadfast
unless deterred wantonly.

Wealth and power
go together
hand in hand.

Wealth and reputation
get away in a bother
as they do not coordinate.

This may seem odd.
Might appear different
but it is very much true.

Wealth bring with it audacity
Power gets along with authority
finding a meeting point of alacrity.

Reputation is a quality
high over monetary
looking extraordinary.

Reputation is valuable
not financially
but in reality.

Relaxing not a wee bit
on reputation and fame reputation
bestows incredible credits.


Turn Away.

Being a hard nut to crack
he goes turn-away-from-me-john-phelanon his way
living as he wishes
not tagging with anyone
away from society absolutely
very much away from habitation.

Well, the cause might be great
it should have a validity
as it is difficult to get on so
The reason might look trivial to others
but to him it has tremendous impact
granting a bitterness and a distaste.

He has had his trials in life
He got injured and hurt.
he was taunted and mocked
subjected to derision and defamation
leading him to retreat into forlorn
living all by himself in a cocoon.

A tooth for a tooth striking at once
and an eye for an eye dreading all through
has been not his way of life all along.
Shunning them from vision totally
and not seeing them anywhere anymore
gives comfort and solace to the injured soul.