Dumb – haiku.

Near a kingdom
there was land of freedom
both looked land of freedom dumb.


The Small world.

The world has become so small
with the advent of technology
and spread of gadgets big and small.
Travel has become easiest and fastest
That which took a year in the past
crossing the oceans in ships
has shortened to hours flying over.

Communication also has quickened
with telephones of Edison
and facsimile of Alexander Bain
Then came the emails and mobile phones
all corresponding to transactions in minutes.
World has come closer and closer
ensuing lot of fun and enjoyment.

The people get to know each other
irrespective of where they live
get connected over the internet
doing lot of things sitting at home.
earning high from the comfort of home
learning much also from theirearn-money-from-home-copy-and-paste-job-online-adposting-jobs-part-time-marktgigant2 homes
buying lot a by ordering from homes.

The world has got smaller and smaller
allowing everything to happen from a zone
transacting and transcribing at ease
translating and tracing with facility
copying and pasting with comfort
creating and organising online
all done in one go from one place.


It Is Time To Go.

It is time to go said my little granddaughter.
She had come down from Sydney all the way
Having spent a few weeks with me at my home
enjoying every moment of her stay
playing with me and chatting a lot more
a closeness we have developed in the course of years
right from the day she was born.
Being the first girl in our family
all of us cherished her and extolled her.
While her presence was one of delight
her talk was full of sense and love.

Seeing her parents pack the bags
she came down the stairs running
Panting and heaving she told me that they have to go
Pushing my tears back and controlling myself with great pain
I asked her,” Dolly how do you know?”
sobbing said she that her parents are putting things in the bags.
Took her hand and held it for a while keeping them on my bosom
both broke down inconsolably not able to express
Those few moments were enough to make us understand
that we would continue the intimacy no matter where we are.


A World Travel Called Desire.

Like to go around the world
and see places in a whirl.
It is all in the heart
lying safely in the locker
unable to open the wish
as unknown fear creeps in.
The reason for keeping away is not one
as many crowd the mind in a throng
desisting the heart to stay away.
Mostly the heart reigns supreme
but in this the mind has taken the power.

The fear of travelling for hours and days.
The thought of sitting upright for long duration
with the joints especially the knees would go off the track.
The idea of staying away from home detains and restricts
along with the homely food and comfort which crop up
making the decision awry and remote.
However much the mind reasons out and suppresses the desire
the heart peeps out on and off with the same notation.
Chiding the mind stares at the heart with a stern
putting an end to the topic with a firm undaunted quote.
With that the man goes ahead with his work attending quietly
You might conclude that there ends the dilemma.

The oscillation gets to the quick and to a prick
when anyone goes on a world tour the longing shoots up .
As days go by the thought gains strength and vigour
reinforced by the rapport others give
requiring a fresh approach and appeal in the go.
The mind stays silent accepting its failure to convince
letting the heart to go about its way without any say.
As the heart has got its way it started preparing for the trip
making arrangements fulfilling around the world. all other formalities.
With the suspense mounting you would come up with a question
whether the programs worked out as per the schedule.
Nay, the heart had a dull pain and suffered a massive myocardial infraction.



Inflation Hits Me.

Inflation hits high
Prices have gone up.
Everything is dear.
complains the cook
grumbles the chauffeur,
mumbles the gardener
voices the security guard.
We need a hike not marginal
but a liberal they say altogether.
A security alarm, I feel.inflation
Dumbfounded watch them gesticulate
and hear them patiently
feeling who would grant me a hike
as inflation has also hit me badly.
Pensive I sat there like a dumbbell
Then decided to accede
as otherwise my work would recede
with an inlay of selfish pursuit.


Habitations in The Tropics.

Reptiles are found in abundance in tropics.
Lizards and cockroaches swarm every household.
Nights are times when cockroaches come out from the attic.
They rush out from the drains flooding the bathrooms totally bold
Kitchens are no exceptions to their expeditions static
To get them out is difficult and needs a lot of patience

The cockroaches fly high and descend in alarming speed
They are found in the dirtiest drains eating filth
contaminating the household with their presence indeed!
Deploying chemicals to destroy them brings destruction in stealth.
as the poison that kills them also would creep into the human system
causing not death but allergies and infections in great deal
To get them out is difficult and needs a lot of patience.

Lizards do not so much harm as they are mostly found on the walls.
They cackle and jump here and there giving a jerk.
They are sworn enemies to cockroaches as they catch hold of them at calls
by diving across and gulp them up in no time gaining a perk
Funny as it is these two live together in the tropics
that too in multitudes as though they are invincible battalion.
Lizards and cockroaches have become part of the habitationcockroacheslizards in the tropics.