The Cackle All Along.

The bird cackle all day long.
why I know not?
Their chirping is not one of gay
Why is it so I know not?
What for they make noise so sad?
I think in length all the while.

Listening to them always made me cheerful
Buoyant would I go with their songs
Humming with them all through the intervals
ans watching them in glee every time I see.
They are an inspiration to me all along
as I see them to be one with them in a belong.

The cackling continues more with a tinge of sadness.
i go in and out to find what went wrong.
getting no clue fromcackle their movements
retreat inside with a terrible alarm.
Confused and clueless I sit in a daze
not ever finding the cause of the mirthless cackle.



love broken guy.He called her in a frequency
wanting to know in buoyancy.
She kept answering him in relevance
telling him of the outcome with patience.
He was not in a mood to accept the delay
forced her to come out with an inlay.
She in a measured tone gave her reply
telling him of her plight in going with him .

He persisted on his way of approach
while she wanted nothing of reproach.
Being in such approval and disapproval
their talk became a quarrel of reprisal.
he then took a drastic decision
that of breaking from her in haste.

Shocked she was but got over it at once.
She walked away without a glance.
He sat there motionless and in trance
Patching up seemed to be out of chance.
He then feeling for his impetuosity
had to walk away with great remorse.



Right Away.

He prempts every time
Well that has been his skill
lending him support still
With that he went far into the depth
taking actions far ahead in stretch
spreading baseless rumours often
and filing cases and summons in tens.preempts
making others believe in his way
holding everyone’s attention in sway.
This had been going on for long
as he found none to oppose him strong
A day came when hos design were laid bare
with his manipulations brought a share
as they were filed in public by him
believing that his ruse would not be detected
Lo! it was found out in black and white
condemning him to the cell right away.


The Intrinsic Worth.

Reading through the minds
I was able to land on great finds.
Mines seem easy to get in
minds prove difficult to set in.
yet my way is to read through
tracking down how it grewmind reading
tracing down its designations
inferring a lot out of intimidation
concluding their worth without trepidations.


Put Down Their Heads.

head downStriding along with heads high
they thought they have won.
Not knowing what is on the other side
they walked along not with a sigh.

Reaching the destination at one point
they stood there for the announcement
assuring themselves they are the victors
detached themselves from the people’s joint.

There was not a large crowd long
as people were not so much engrossed
the announcement came as a bolt from the blue
making the presumptions go wrong .

Those who strode with heads high
had to put down their heads in ignominy
as they have taken lightly the other side
thinking themselves to be great and high.