The Night And Morn

Sauntering through the world of dreams
where everything seems to be fantastic
with pride and joy gathering in a beam
where nothing creates anything agnostic
she sleeps through the night in a gleam.

Come morning she has to face the real
where everything appears to be drastic
with duty and work leading to an original
where all things are weighed by a yardstick
she passes the day with absolute trial.


Eyes Tell Us.

Looking into one’s eyes
with a straight gaze
gets into the lies
if there is any base
telling more of the ties
with a firm trace
evolving into a try
knowing more in a quick
entering into a buy
finally seeing through the trick
thus concluding it is a blatant lie.


Posing Great.

Having taken away the major
they pretend to be just and great
saying that it is a wager
trying to talk high and inflate
their cause to an extensive a range
besetting a vulnerable target fine
boosting their morale to heights strange
polishing it as much to shine
knowing not polishing would wear out
showing the real stature all too soon.
posing great


Facing Struggle.

Having known her for long
understood her plight
as she had a struggle prolong
which she took it very light
went with it in a belong
keeping herself in corners tight
getting on with life all along
avoiding everybody’s curious sightstruggle


Fighting Life.

Looking through the glasses.
Getting the images in traces.
Going through in phases.
Reaching out in chases.
Crossing over in braces.
Has been so in many cases.
Well,that is how life choses
dragging the people through crosses.

fighting life