Black And Grey

The hair has gone grey.
The lovely black sheen
has become a silvery shine.
The blackness gave a pretty look
while the grey lends a wise tinge.
Both are good and great
one being the tone of youth
and the other a colour of wisdom.
Going with black was easy
as the younger days were jolly good
Getting on with grey proves dizzy
as therein comes up the responsibility.
With duties increasing manifold
the greying shoots up multifold
having to move with silvery locks
and unwanted wrinkles and spots brown
with the aging there enters the blocks
both physical and mental in the run
one tumbling over the other
black becomes greyfalling flat with a thud.


Nonchalant She Be

Nonchalant she be.
Determined and resolved
she otherwise is very free
moves with specific fold
not involving in unnecessary
trivia and trial in hold
keeping a distance necessary
her ideals are distinctly bold
she never falls for anyone
however great they might be
she never bows down to anyone
however powerful they might be
leading a life special and significant
with a careful sense of relevance
and a scrupulous sensibility of17Nonchalant reverence.


Who Be The Winner?

With the expectations mounting up
as the results are coming to close
one party feels it is high up
while the other watches close.

The one who expects much thinks great
feeling at the top of the world
while the other who has nothing to rate
keeps quiet in a striking fold.

Well, the loud spoken has high aims
as winning is by his side he thinks
while the soft-spoken remains tame
willing to accept anything without a blinksoft spoken.

The outspoken forgets the opponent’s strength
considering only his skill and tact
while the quiet one equals the other’s length
by exactly looking at the facts.

As we deliberate on the pros and cons
the results would have been flashed by now
not waiting anymore to see who dons
as the winner is whom we do not know.

Not keeping the suspense any more
let me come out with the publication.
Are you dying not to wait any more?
it is the quiet man who excels in jubilation